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Trinity is a place of worship, meeting and quietness in a distracted world.
Its people are seeking to grow together in the love of God revealed in Jesus Christ and are working to extend his kingdom of justice and peace.
You are welcome to join in our fellowship and service of others.


Holy Trinity Church
Hoghton Street

Revd Canon Dr. Rod Garner
Holy Trinity Vicarage
24 Roe Lane
Tel/Fax: (01704) 538560
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Vicar's Publications

BOOKS by The Rev'd Canon Dr. Rod Garner

Something in the Air - New Book
Something in the Air

Something in the Air brings together reflections by Rod Garner on daily living, religion, spirituality and society. Unifying the various topics is his concern for 'how we stay human in threatening times and begin to make sense of the wondrous and sometimes heart-breaking episodes that make up our lives.' Written against the background of his own life and varied ministry, this book embraces past and present as part of a commitment to the future in an age of extremes.

Price: £7.99

How To Be Wise: Growing in Discernment and Love
SPCK Publishing
How To Be Wise

Get your copy from Amazon - click here

On Being Saved: The Roots of Redemption
Darton, Longman Todd

On Being Saved It explores what it might mean to talk of being saved in the early 21st century from both a religious and human perspective. Its a book for believers wanting to deepen their faith and understanding and for people who find traditional religious answers unconvincing.

It draws on scripture, literature, philosophy and poetry and highlights some of the basic human experiences such as laughter, memory, beauty and hope that give life meaning.

Josephine Butler: A Guide to her Life, Faith and Social Action
Darton Longman Todd 2009 (ISBN: 9780232527476)

JosephineButler Forgotten saint? Proto-feminist? Josephine Butler's story is one of incredible passion and tenacity and deserves to be better known. Born in 1828 in Northumberland, her father John Grey was a social reformer and campaigned for the abolition of slavery. From him Josephine inherited a deep concern for the marginalized of society, rooted in a radical Christian faith.

Together with her husband, George Butler, with whom she shared a remarkable and life-long marriage, she reached out to the poor and destitute, often inviting them to live in the Butler's own home. Appalled by the double standards of Victorian society, she campaigned and worked tirelessly to bring about the repeal of the Contagious Diseases Acts, which allowed women suspected of prostitution to be arrested and forcibly subjected to painful and humiliating examination.

In an age when women were not expected to have opinions she refused to be silent and campaigned for equal education for women. She spoke out in public on subjects that shocked her contemporaries and remained strong and determined against all kinds of injustice, despite her own ill health and suffering. In this lively and well drawn portrait, Rod Garner brings to life Josephine's incredible achievements, but also delves in to her personality and reveals the deep faith and prayer life that sustained her in her work. Each chapter ends with a reflection and questions to aid further study, making this an inspiring and original book for group or individual study.

Crowded Canvas: Faith in the Making
Inspire, 2008 (ISBN: 905958238)

tn_CrowdedCanvas (1K) Crowded Canvas: Faith in the Making, seeks to broaden our perception of faith and to counter some of the negativity attached to being a Christian in the twenty-first century.

Rod Garner explores the riches of poetry, philosophy, literature and theology, creation and science, music and meditation to show that the development of our faith comes from the 'crowded canvas' of our lives, and that no part of our existence - its joy, pain and sorrow - is untouched by God.

Like a Bottle in the JosepSmoke: Meditations on Mystery
Inspire, 2006 (ISBN-10: 1858523079 ISBN-13: 978-1858523071)

tn_LikeaBottle (1K) People turn to Scripture for various reasons: spiritual uplift, moral certainties, the desire to learn more about the life of Jesus.

This book takes a different approach. It shows how Bible text can also illuminate the mystery of human life and the dark and dazzling mystery of God.

Drawing on a wide range of sources and pastoral experience, the author offers a unique series of meditations on the word of God that can help and encouragement to pastors, teachers, students of the Bible and all those who wish to explore beneath the surface of things as an integral part of discipleship and the religious quest.

Facing the City: Urban Mission in the 21st Century
Peterborough, Epworth Press, 2004 (ISBN: 0716205807)

tn_facing (1K) Beginning with a critical evaluation of urban mission culminating in the 1985 Faith in the City report, the author describes new challenges presented to local communities by the emerging urban order and evaluates churches' current responses to poverty and globalisation.

Drawing on his experience as a priest and theological educator, he shows how a fresh integration of theology, prayer and strategic community partnerships can promote a more effective role for the church in the global city.

The author shows how a fresh integration of theology, prayer and strategic community partnerships is able to promote a more effective role for the Church in the global city. His distinctive approach combines theological wisdom and reflection with stories, prayer and poetry.

The Big Questions: Believing with Heart and Mind
SPCK Publishing (1995) (ISBN-10: 0281047979 ISBN-13: 978-0281047970)

tn_BigQuestions (2K)

Why or what is God? Why do religious people pray? Why is there evil?