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Trinity is a place of worship, meeting and quietness in a distracted world.
Its people are seeking to grow together in the love of God revealed in Jesus Christ and are working to extend his kingdom of justice and peace.
You are welcome to join in our fellowship and service of others.


Holy Trinity Church
Hoghton Street

Revd Canon Dr. Rod Garner
Holy Trinity Vicarage
24 Roe Lane
Tel/Fax: (01704) 538560
email: Please click here

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Role Name Phone Mobile Email
Vicar Rev'd Canon Dr. Rod Garner 538560 07754 812915 holytrinitysouthport@gmail.com
Curate Rev'd Jane Morgan 879180 07523 058080 mrsjemorgan@aol.com
Reader Mrs Sue Palmer 568809 palmer42@talktalk.net
Reader Mrs Toni Ashcroft 873995 antonia.ashcroft@gmail.com
Warden Mrs Anne Tudor 535825 tonytudor@sky.com
Warden Mrs Vicki Butler 550529
Deputy Warden Mr Guy Straw
Deputy Warden and Verger Mr Ray Foster 541006 07890 059375
Lay Minister Mr Ray Woods 538595
Lay Minister Mrs Ann Ferguson 545610
Treasurer Mrs Nancy Hart 214372
Gift Aid Mr Ray Barton 225203
Stewardship Mr John Aldred 544626
PCC Secretary Mrs Anne Tudor 535825
Parish Secretary Mrs Christine Garner 538560 holytrinitysouthport@gmail.com
Weekly Notices Mrs Hilary Riley hilary.riley30@gmail.com
Events Planning Mr Alan Burness 877894
Music Director Mr Ian Wells 07999 879632 jirwells@tiscali.co.uk
Head Server Mr Colin Ryan 537915
Sacristan Mrs Judith Ryan 537915
Deputy Sacristan Mrs Betty Glasgow 531338
Choir Chaplain Mrs Sue Palmer 568809 palmer42@talktalk.net
Child Protection Mr Stuart Henderson 547711
Electoral Roll Kim Hayes 566961
Flowers Mrs Jane Roberts 873883
Parish Centre Secretary Mrs Doreen Blagborough 226768
Sunday Club Mrs Janetta Lawrance 535675 janettalawrance@talktalk.net
Trinity Fellowship Mrs Betty Glasgow 531338
Pastoral Care Mrs Sue Palmer 568809 palmer42@talktalk.net
Mission Support Miss Ann Ferguson 545610
Lunch Club Mrs Hilda Blomley 228327
Church Cleaning Mrs Margaret Pegg 546559
Silver Cleaning Mrs Barbara Harvey 01512871028
Arts Festival Chair Mr Ian Wells 07999 879632 jirwells@tiscali.co.uk
Arts Festival Secretary Mr Bob Ball 568001 june-bob@11lulworth.fsnet.co.uk
Bach Choir Secretary Mrs Sue Candler 535208
Website Mr Ryk Langton webdev@holytrinitysouthport.org.uk

Youth Clubs

Role Name Phone Mobile Email
Playgroup Mrs Jean Munro 07947 469169
Beavers Susan Abbot 510900 07543 960452 sueabbott_2004@yahoo.com
Beavers Mike Duffy 808922 07930 891349 michaelduffy@hotmail.co.uk
Beavers Karen Bishop 07846 198217
Cubs Ian Butler 510900 07543 960401 Ianbut@fsmail.net
Cubs Ian Valentine 07754 050635
Cubs Mary Whitehead 543700 07793 462740
Cubs Rebecca Mahoney 07581 298219
Scouts Paul Hanley 07815 941981
Scouts Iain Midgley 214330 07717 211683
Scouts Andrew Tate 573147
Rainbows Carol Bennion 538341 07818 067084 waterbaby1@ymail.com
Rainbows Katie Hibbert 07746 134656 kthibbert@hotmail.com
Brownies Audrey Parkes 07513 425216 trinitywiseowl@hotmail.com
Brownies Natalie Ogden 07590 114539
Guides Kirsty Jackson 07967 215239 krusty990@hotmail.com
Guides Katie Hibbert 07746 134656 kthibbert@hotmail.com
Rangers Nicki Ainsworth 07843 083982 nickiainsworth@hotmail.co.uk

Details about the various youth clubs are now on the Groups page