About Us

Holy Trinity is a Parish Church

The whole of England is divided into parishes, which are ancient areas cared for by a parish church. A parish church is there for everyone who lives in its parish. Holy Trinity’s parish is the north bit of the town centre of Southport. If you live there, Holy Trinity was built to care for you. Since it was built, people who live outside the parish have also chosen to worship there. So, whether you live in the parish, or have a connection to it, or just find yourself there, Holy Trinity Church is open for you.

Holy Trinity is Open…

Every Day

Holy Trinity is open every day, from Morning Prayer at 9 until Evening Prayer at 5. It is open so that anyone who wants to may come and pray, light a candle, or sit quietly. Many churches are locked, but it is a principle of our life at Holy Trinity that the Church is here for anyone who needs it.

For Worship

Morning Prayer is said every day at 9am, and last about 20 minutes. Evening Prayer, which takes the same time, is at 5pm. The Eucharist is celebrated every day at 9.30.

For the Sacraments

Baptism is the event in which we are made a part of the Church. If you would like to talk about baptism (also known as Christening), whether for yourself as an adult, or your children, please speak to the Parish Priest.

In the Sacrament of Marriage a man and a woman are joined together by God for life. Marriages may be celebrated at Holy Trinity after the couple have been prepared for this Sacrament. If you are interested in being married at Holy Trinity, please speak to the Parish Priest.